The rapid expansion of the charging infrastructure is and remains vital to the ramp-up of e-mobility. This is why the Volkswagen Group is striving to become a holistic charging and energy-service provider and is investing intensely in the global development of an open fast-charging network. You will find additional information here.

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Introducing the all-new Elli Charger 2: cost-effective charging to drive the energy transition at home
The Volkswagen Group brand Elli presents a significant product innovation for charging EVs. The new Elli Charger 2 is equipped with a wide range of services, enables significantly reduced charging costs, and is characterized by a perfectly coordinated ecosystem. Volkswagen customers can now purchase their electric vehicle, charger, and electricity tariff in an easy and integrated manner from a single source. In the future, they will also be able to purchase a solar panel system via selected Volkswagen sales channels. As part of the product launch of the new charger, Elli today announced a strategic partnership with the European solar panel provider Otovo to offer e-mobility customers holistic and innovative energy solutions for their home.
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Press Release
Elli enters the industrial energy storage business
The Volkswagen Group is entering a new business segment with the Elli charging and energy brand and will develop, build and operate large-scale stationary storage systems together with partners along the value chain. In the future, Elli's industrial energy storage systems will be used to supply customers and for arbitrage transactions on the electricity market. In this way, Elli is driving the transformation into a smart energy company and making a significant contribution to stabilizing and increasing the efficiency of the power grids. First Elli battery storage projects could be set up as early as next year.
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Hannover Messe 2024: Pioneering Research Project – Charging Electric Vehicles with Wind Energy
Volkswagen Group's subsidiary Elli, airborne wind turbine manufacturer EnerKíte, and the Technical University of Braunschweig present groundbreaking research at the Hannover Messe, which could enable energy-autonomous charging for electric vehicles in the future. High-tech kites "harvest" strong and steady high-altitude winds, converting them into electricity. The energy is stored in Elli's Flexpole fast-charger and can be used to charge EVs. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and coordinated at the Open Hybrid LabFactory Campus in Wolfsburg.
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„Charging Site Management” – Elli launches new commercial product
The electrification of fleets is a key step in the mobility transition, and with it comes the demand for innovative B2B charging solutions that ensure smooth operation of their business activities. With Charging Site Management, Volkswagen Group subsidiary Elli is launching a completely new B2B product that offers AC and DC charging hardware (including Elli Flexpole, Elli Charger and additional charging hardware from selected partners), integrated software solutions (including Elli Site Management Console and Elli Fleet Management Console), as well as extensive consulting functions. The software solutions focus on a simple plug and play concept and offer all features for the operation of charging infrastructures, including load management. Users have the option of making important changes for their operations at any time via dashboards (e.g. usage periods, average capacity utilization).
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New partnership with SIXT – Elli opens its charging network to external partners
Volkswagen Group Charging (Elli) opened its large European charging network to mobility companies outside the Volkswagen Group for the first time. With Elli's extensive charging infrastructure and innovative digital mobility solutions, customers can now enjoy seamless access to a vast and high-quality charging network across Europe. The new product SIXT charge simplifies the entire charging experience: from access to Elli`s charging network to find charge points, starting and ending charging sessions, and complete billing and payment.
New partnership with SIXT –  Elli opens its charging network to external partners
Volkswagen Group Technology
Group Technology is made up of the four divisions Battery, Charging & Energy, Components and Platform Business.
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With the Group strategy NEW AUTO – Mobility for generations to come, we are preparing ourselves for the global changes in mobility and thus playing a substantial role in driving Volkswagen’s transformation into a software-oriented company.
Volkswagen Group – Shaping Mobility for Generations
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PowerCo confirms results: QuantumScape’s solid-state cell passes first endurance test
The solid-state cell is considered a technology of the future and the next big step in battery development. The technology promises longer ranges, shorter charging times and maximum safety. The U.S. company QuantumScape has recently reached an important milestone, which was now confirmed by PowerCo: its solid-state cell has significantly exceeded the requirements in the A-sample test and successfully completed more than 1,000 charging cycles. For an electric car with a WLTP range of 500-600 kilometres, this corresponds to a total mileage of more than half a million kilometres. At the same time, the cell barely aged and still had 95 percent of its capacity (or discharge energy retention) at the end of the test. The tests, which ran for several months, were carried out in PowerCo's battery laboratories in Salzgitter
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Elli (Volkswagen Group Charging) expands to 600,000 charging points across Europe
Just in time for the new year, Elli (Volkswagen Group Charging) is expanding its charging network and offers e-mobility customers access to more than 600,000 charge points in 27 European countries. As one of the largest charging and energy provider and a brand of the Volkswagen Group, Elli is strategically expanding its mobility service business and, in addition to the quantitative expansion of the network, is focusing on greater convenience when charging. For Elli customers, this represents a major step forward in vehicle charging and in general a significant step forward for electric mobility in Europe.
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Cleverly manage your own electricity: First ID. models support bidirectional charging
From now on, many models in the ID. Family now offer bidirectional charging with the "Vehicle to Home" function. With a home power station and the integrated Home Energy Management System (HEMS) from Volkswagen partner HagerEnergy GmbH, customers can cover as much of their household consumption as possible with their photovoltaic system. Both companies have launched a pilot project in Sweden in which an entire housing estate is being supplied with vehicles and the corresponding charging infrastructure.
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Elli launches pan-European charging solution for electric fleets
Volkswagen Group brand Elli is launching an intelligent solution across Europe for electric vehicle fleets. With Elli Fleet Charging, companies in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Austria are now able to manage and cost-optimize their fleet charging. After a market introduction phase lasting several months, over 650 German companies and fleet managers are already successfully using Elli’s product.
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TRATON GROUP unveils new service to boost charging for electric trucks
October 18, 2023 – The TRATON GROUP has established TRATON Charging Solutions to accelerate access to charging locations for its brands’ customers and facilitate the transition of their fleets to battery electric commercial vehicles. TRATON Charging Solutions is a new service entity of the TRATON GROUP dedicated to simplifying electric commercial transport. It offers a range of capabilities, including contracting, invoicing, route planning, and utilization insights, to ensure a seamless charging experience for electric commercial vehicle operators.
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Elli at IAA 2023: Showcasing Elli’s new e-mobility products, and future projects
As one of Europe’s largest e-mobility service providers, Volkswagen Group’s brand Elli will showcase new charging products and services as well as unveil its future plans at this year's International Motor Show (IAA) in Munich. Elli will also give a sneak peek at upcoming energy innovations and its transition to providing holistic energy solutions.
The new Elli Flexpole
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Volkswagen Group taps into new profit pools with sustainable mobility
The Volkswagen Group has made decisive progress in its four industry-leading technology platforms. It is also tapping into highly attractive additional profit pools as part of its transformation from legacy automaker to integrated mobility provider by further expanding its sustainable mobility business. At the Group's press conference at IAA Mobility in Munich, CEO Oliver Blume said: "We are making good progress. And faster than planned. We have reached numerous milestones, set important strategic directions and achieved joint successes. We are systematically driving forward the transformation along our ten-point plan and consistently developing further attractive profit pools in the area of sustainable mobility."
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