Drawing on the company’s Strategy 2030, the Volkswagen Group is preparing to face global changes in mobility and is pressing forward with its transformation into a software-oriented company.

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First retail partner receives new sustainability certificate designed by Volkswagen Group
Today, the first Volkswagen Group retail partner received its goTOzero RETAIL certificate. It was developed for the global partner network of some 17,000 dealerships from around 150 countries as part of the company’s goTOzero environmental mission statement. One important goal is to decrease the CO2 footprint of the network by at least 30 percent until 2030 compared to 2020. Participating partners of the brands Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Škoda, SEAT/CUPRA and Audi are given a tool to record their environmental performance and receive information on how to further improve it. The certification serves to measure and control the implementation of the environmental strategy at retail level in addition to the Group’s own comprehensive sustainability activities. The certification process assesses around 70 environmental criteria that retailers can influence directly. Each of these is related to one of goTOzero's four focus areas: climate change, resources, environmental compliance and ecosystems.
The first goTOzero RETAIL certificate
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Volkswagen Group establishes artificial intelligence company
In the future, digital products based on artificial intelligence (AI) will play a key role for the Volkswagen Group. New infotainment and navigation applications, high-performance speech recognition, extended vehicle functions and the deep integration of digital ecosystems in the car will bring considerable benefits to customers, enhancing the product experience. This is why Volkswagen has established a specialized “AI Lab”. The company will act as a globally networked competence center and incubator. AI Lab will identify new product ideas for the Volkswagen Group, and coordinate them internally within the Group. As the need arises, this will also include collaboration with the tech sector in Europe, China and North America. By adopting this approach, the Volkswagen Group intends to simplify collaboration with technology companies with a view to making optimum use of the innovation potential and speed of the AI sector. The objective is to rapidly develop digital prototypes and transfer them to the Group brands for implementation.
A new AI Company from the Volkswagen Group
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Volkswagen Group strengthens its Technical Development Board function in China
The Volkswagen Group is strengthening its Technical Development Board function in the China region as part of its “In China, for China” strategy. Thomas Ulbrich, former Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen Brand for “New Mobility”, will head up Technical Development for the Group in China from April 1, 2024. In his new capacity, Ulbrich, who has already held two management positions for the Group in China, will continue to advance the technological localization of the portfolio. He succeeds Marcus Hafkemeyer, who – with his extensive experience of China – will support the company’s transformation in a new role in the Group.
Thomas Ulbrich, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Volkswagen Group China standing at a charging station
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The Volkswagen Group, with its headquarters in Wolfsburg, is one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers and commercial vehicles the largest carmaker in Europe. With our brands, business units and financial services, we are shaping the zero-emission and autonomous future of mobility.
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With the Group strategy NEW AUTO – Mobility for generations to come, we are preparing ourselves for the global changes in mobility and thus playing a substantial role in driving Volkswagen’s transformation into a software-oriented company.
Volkswagen Group – Shaping Mobility for Generations
Volkswagen brand’s biggest performance program on track, with earnings contribution of up to four billion euros expected for 2024
The Volkswagen brand has achieved an important milestone in the “Accelerate Forward/ Road to 6.5” global performance program, with management and employee representatives reaching agreement on key points to streamline the company, following intensive negotiations. The objective of the three-year program is to secure the Volkswagen Group’s core brand competitiveness, ensure it is future-proof and sustainable in the long term. The Volkswagen brand aims to make a positive earnings contribution totaling ten billion euros by 2026, also to offset negative effects such as inflation and higher raw material costs. The operating return on sales is expected to improve sustainably to 6.5 percent in 2026. The Volkswagen brand projects that the program will deliver positive earnings contributions of up to four billion euros as early as 2024. To achieve this, the Company concentrates on performance-enhancing and cost-saving measures in the program’s three focus areas: optimizing material and product costs, reducing fixed and manufacturing costs and increasing revenues. The Company and the employee representatives have also reached agreement on staff reduction measures to cut personnel and labor costs. These measures will apply throughout Volkswagen AG. As such, from January 2024 the Company will extend its partial retirement schemes to all employees born in 1967 (and for severely handicapped employees born in 1968), to reduce administrative staff costs in particular. The current hiring freeze and access freeze to the Tarif Plus salary group will continue until further notice.
Three Volkswagen employees pose for a photo.
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Volkswagen-backed PowerCo SE reaches significant milestone in St. Thomas gigafactory project
Volkswagen Group-owned battery company PowerCo SE steps up its activities in Canada. Ramping up its cell production activities in Europe and North America, the site of its future cell gigafactory in St. Thomas, Ontario, is now prepared for groundbreaking and start of construction in 2024. Sebastian Wolf, Chief Operations Officer of PowerCo SE, said at an event on site: “We are fully on track. Site preparation, the first phase of Gigafactory St. Thomas, has been completed. We are now ready for the next stage on our path to the sustainable and responsible production of battery cells. PowerCo will be a reliable partner for the people in St. Thomas and Ontario.”
Visualization of Gigafactory St. Thomas
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Volkswagen increases pace of innovation in China for China: tech company in Hefei launches electric platform for entry-level segment in just 36 months
The Volkswagen Group is systematically strengthening its development expertise ‘in China for China’. To drive this strategy, Volkswagen is expanding its site in Hefei in eastern China into a state-of-the-art production, development, and innovation hub. At its heart is the Volkswagen China Technology Company (VCTC) – the Group's largest development centre outside Germany, with a clear focus on intelligent, fully connected vehicles. VCTC aims to reduce the time to market for vehicles and components by 30 percent through efficient development processes and the use of cutting-edge technologies. As a result, the Group will better harness the growth momentum of the Chinese market. The hub is also taking on key development tasks, including the development of a local electric platform for the entry-level segment. Derived from the Group's modular electric drive matrix (MEB), the new platform is intended to open up further market segments in China. From 2026, the platform will form the basis for additional battery-powered vehicles (BEV) specifically tailored to the wishes of Chinese customers. The development time of just 36 months is around a third shorter than the Volkswagen Group's previous timescales.
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Volkswagen Group delivers 45 percent more all-electric vehicles in first 9 months
The Volkswagen Group has systematically continued its transformation in the first nine months of 2023. All-electric deliveries increased by 45 percent to 531,500 vehicles globally, raising the BEV share of total deliveries to 7.9 percent after 6.1 percent in the prior year period. In the third quarter alone, the BEV share climbed to 9.0 percent compared to 6.8 percent one year ago. From January to September, Europe remained the key growth driver with an increase of 61 percent to 341,100 vehicles. BEV deliveries jumped 74 percent to 50,300 units in the USA and surpassed prior year levels in China with an increase of 4 percent to 117,100 units.
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New European battery materials player IONWAY locates first production plant in Nysa, Poland
The newly-founded Brussels-based European EV battery materials producer IONWAY has chosen to build its first CAM production plant in Nysa, Poland, adjacent to Umicore’s existing CAM plant. The JV, backed by Volkswagen Group-owned PowerCo SE and Umicore, is scaling up the EU footprint in the e-mobility business with the ambition to grow its annual production capacity to 160 GWh p.a. by the end of the decade, corresponding to 2.2 m battery-electric vehicle, based on market developments. IONWAY will thus help the European Union achieve its Green Deal ambitions by accelerating the establishment of regional, sustainable, and transparent battery value chains.
Visualization of ionway's future factory for the production of cathode material in Nysa, Poland
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PowerCo and Umicore set up pre-eminent new European battery materials player
Umicore and Volkswagen Group-backed battery company PowerCo have announced the name and branding of their first-of-its kind cooperation. Their Brussels-headquartered joint venture for large-scale industrial production of CAM and pCAM in Europe will bear the name IONWAY. Both parents aim to grow IONWAY’s annual production capacity to 160 GWh p.a. by the end of the decade, corresponding to 2.2 m battery-electric vehicles.
IONWAY – name and logo in more detail
Porsche pleased with first year after IPO
Porsche AG is looking back on its first year after its much-anticipated IPO on 29 September 2022. “Today, we can say that our IPO has been a huge success. It’s good for our customers, our shareholders and our employees as well,” says Chairman of the Executive Board Oliver Blume. “With the greater entrepreneurial freedom and flexibility, we are able to set our own priorities. We can also act more quickly and with greater focus. In a dynamic and challenging global environment, that’s more important than ever.”
CEO Oliver Blume and CFO Lutz Meschke
Vietnam launch: Škoda Auto celebrates key internationalisation milestone
Skoda logo on white background
The specified fuel consumption and emission data are determined in accordance with the measurement procedures prescribed by law. 1 January 2022, the WLTP test cycle completely replaced the NEDC test cycle and therefore no NEDC values are available for new type approved vehicles after that date. This information does not refer to a single vehicle and is not part of the offer but is only intended for comparison between different types of vehicles. Additional equipment and accessories (additional components, tyre formats, etc.) can alter relevant vehicle parameters such as weight, rolling resistance and aerodynamics, affecting the vehicle's fuel consumption, power consumption, CO2 emissions and driving performance values in addition to weather and traffic conditions and individual driving behavior. Due to more realistic testing conditions, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions measured according to WLTP will in many cases be higher than the values measured according to NEDC. As a result, the taxation of vehicles may change accordingly as of 1 September 2018. For further information on the differences between WLTP and NEDC, please visit www.volkswagen.de/wltp. Further information on official fuel consumption data and official specific CO2 emissions for new passenger cars can be found in the "Guide to fuel economy, CO2 emissions and power consumption for new passenger car models", which is available free of charge from all sales dealerships and from DAT Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH, Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, D-73760 Ostfildern, Germany and at www.dat.de/co2.